Dr. Amy Emch
B Natural

B Natural is owned by Amy Emch, C.A., C.N.C., M.H., N.D. and is located at 2421 E Clairemont Ave, Wisconsin.

Dr Emch has been practicing immuno-therapy for several years and works with clinics of natural oncology in California and Mexico. Dr Emch carries a complete line of DaVinci Labs products and does the DNA testing at her store/clinic in Eau Claire. B Natural has many other products that help in your quest for better health. Teas, herbs, sugar free snacks, organic spices and much more.

Dr Emch takes appointments at (715) 836-7021 and offers the following services: Health & Nutrition Consultations, Reflexology, Chi Machine Therapy, Infra Red Therapy, and more.

If you have been searching for natural therapy to help you obtain a better quality of life, please contact Dr Emch.

You may blog her at: dramyemch.com

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Contact Information:

B Natural, Inc
Dr Amy Emch
2934 London Road
King's Plaza
Eau Claire, WI 54701
Dr Amy's Blog dramyemch.com

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